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Our Mission is to establish a comprehensive primary health care system through ZMT Clinic Network.

ZMT Clinic Network is one of the largest Network of Clinics in primary health care in Karachi and is supervised by Zubaida Machiyara Trust. ZMT Clinics Network is a Charitable Organization (Non-profit) which is providing primary healthcare services to the most deserved and under privilege people in Karachi. At ZMT Clinic Network we provide FREE medicines to all.

ZMT Clinic Network started approximately 20 years ago and started with just basic 3 clinic in Karachi, as the time passed by ZMT Clinic Network keep increasing number of clinics and services. ZMT Clinic Network already have established 35 Clinics in Karachi and three more are under construction this year .This number is increasing every year. Most of our clinics are situated in least developed areas or suburbs of Karachi where people do not have even basic medical facilities available. Everyone at ZMT Clinic Network is treated by qualified doctors and medical staff.

The organization mission is to build a comprehensive primary health care system through ZMT Clinic Network, specially for those women and children who cannot afford a qualified, professional and experience doctor in under privileged areas.

ZMT Clinic Network aim is take this number up to 100+ clinics with in next 10 years. Each clinic will have qualified Doctors with high quality services and equipment’s to provide quality primary healthcare. We are improving our clinics quality and services all the time by upgrading our systems. This way we try our level best to provide best possible primary healthcare facility for our patients, so even people living in suburbs and underdeveloped areas of Karachi can have high quality primary health care medical services as well.

ZMT Clinic Network primary focus in our clinics are women and children. ZMT Clinic Network specially have female doctors, female child specialist and other medical staff are also mostly female. This way woman and children have no problems to have medical attention as per our society needs as they are the most ignored members of society in terms of primary healthcare, specially in under developed areas of Karachi where people cannot get any professional medical facility with qualified doctors.

One of ZMT Clinic Network service is to provide specialize mobile eye clinic teams for eye test for children in schools, ZMT Clinic Network already have performed thousands of eye tests and surgeries for school children’s in Karachi. These eye tests and eye treatments are completely free of cost. ZMT Clinic Network provide even the spectacles to children free of cost. ZMT Clinic Network also have one female team for girls schools.

ZMT Clinic Network also do Free Medical camps all over Karachi and other part of Pakistan. ZMT Clinic Network also participated in flood relief activities all over Pakistan.

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More Than Rs. 297 Million Worth of services provided last year.
We Provide 100% FREE Medicines to All



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