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Charity in Pakistan


Charity Organization for most deserving in Karachi Pakistan

Charity in Pakistan, Donate in KarachiWe help people who are most less privileged people in Karachi suburbs who cannot even afford medical consultation or any kind of medical treatment, who cannot even afford medicines.

We provide them Free Medicines, Free Eye test, Free Vaccinations, Free Medical Camps also General OPD, Consultant OPD, Ultrasound, Day Care and many more services on 80% subsidised rates. If they cannot afford 20% we even give them everything Free.

All Services are very high quality with very highly qualified staff, medicine and equipment.

Kindly donate for people who are most deserving and need your help in Karachi Pakistan. Donation in Pakistan to help these people.

You can come and see your self by visiting any of our 35 clinics before you make any donation in Karachi Pakistan.

Donate in Karachi will help so many people who cannot afford medical health facility

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    More Than Rs. 297 Million Worth of services provided last year.
    We Provide 100% FREE Medicines to All



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